Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Baton Rouge" audition

For the record, all those shots they are showing of "Baton Rouge"  are of New Orleans.  It's the New Orleans area.    Not sure if they actually filmed these auditions there or if they are using footage from 2 years ago.   Either way, it's just like them. Funny how they go out of their way to keep saying "Louisiana" and not either city.

So over this season.   Not only do they still have their same old tricks and ridiculousness, (editing, bogus audition process, blah blah)-- but they've added in the Diva Drama.

Post your comments and questions and I'll respond but otherwise I'm just going to go back to playing Slotomania Slot Machines on Facebook :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well, for auditions anyway.  With Nikki and Mariah this is bound to be a trainwreck.

Here are my thoughts starting at the top of the show:

Romulicious?  WTF does that mean Nikki?
And Mariah is pissed that she could not have her own hat.    Sorry Mariah-- you wear evening gowns to take your kids to the Zoo--   are you really complaining about someone else being over dressed?   Hilarious.

Singer #1 - Despite the Italian guy singing Queen breaking up the cat fight,  he's ridiculous and full of himself.  He also seems like he showed up to the wrong place for Jersey Shore auditions.  Pass.

He has a point though about Mariah's song being the best contemporary one.   Would have been great for her to just LEAVE IT AT THAT and not chime in about how wonderful she is.  Then NM calls her a bitch, now they are cat-fighting.  Again.  Going to be a LONG night.  It's only like 7:05.

Keith Urban's hot Australian accent can't save us from this mess.
I swear, I watch this show to hear people SING (and occasionally, yes, not so well)-- but we haven't seen a single singer !

American Bitch-ol?
There's fake British accents, makeup assistants, misquoted song lyrics, inquisitions about movie quotes, and just... this is crazy.

Singer #2 - Some Super Mariah Fan steps up (she's obviously not sane, one strike against her).  But she's gorgeous and underdressed to the point of being "cool".  It is funny how Mariah pretends to remember her.  She sings the song EXACTLY how Mimi would have, and Mimi nods in agreement with a little bit of "I'm responsible for that".   7/10

Singers 3, 4, 5 are a pretty boy, a Snooky look alike, and someone so boring I can't remember him.  But all have falsetto and all are through!

Singer 6: ASIAN BIEBER!     YES!!!  ASIAN BIEBER!!!!!!!!   I am so exited by this!!!!
If he's so inspired by Biebs YouTube story, he should make a YouTube video.  Duh.
15.  Poor kid.  He's only 15 and already growing earphones out of his neck.   I'd definitely rather still be a lonely girl after that.  Keith Urban is priceless.    He needs to work on his dance moves-- at least William Hung had good moves.  But I do love his Superman that looks like he's an angry horse.  Obviously not through.  5/10 for entertainment factor.  Nikki also hits on him.  She gives him a really cool speech too about being himself.  Makes me like her even more!

*** Behind the scenes note:   FAKE SEACREST was used in this scene-- notice you never ever see Ryan, only hearing someone ask questions from off camera?

Ugh.  Going to eat dinner or something, take a break.  This is boring!