Sunday, January 23, 2011

Golden Tickets

 Lots of you don't believe me on the Golden Ticket Marks (N, K, Y)...   and I agree with you that maybe I'm wrong about what they mean, but I KNOW I'm right  that they exist.  I present to you, exhibit B.  I found these one or two pictures posted freely online... just by googling "American Idol golden ticket"  --  one is from season ten, one is from many years ago.  I edited out these people's names because I do not have their permission to post them..  however, if you google what I googled I'm sure you'll find them too.  One is on a website, the other on a person's flickr page.  Here are those two pictures below.

The third picture is my very own golden ticket.  I edited out both my name and contestant number because I know you people are crafty and you can probably track me down.  If you can't, the AI folks certainly can look it up.   I did take a picture of my nails on that day though, a) because they were super cute  and b) because you can see them in the golden ticket picture.  Not that I REALLY care if you don't believe me, but considering I had this picture I included it.


  1. Isn't it very possible that N could stand for Nigel (who is one of the executive producers) and K stands for Ken (who, as you stated earier, is another executive producer?) Maybe that day, when you said Nigel wasn't there, Ken really couldn't judge the way Nigel would have judged for you specifically. I mean, it's a pretty logical possibility. Also if you look at tickets on google, there is a space that says producer 1 and producer 2 (meaning low level, and executive perhaps). and in that space there is a K (on that ticket). Maybe, to add to everything I have stated, a Y bypasses the "critiquing" round of the executive producers. I read your post and obviously this intregued me. What do you think?

  2. I really thought so too, until I considered a couple of things. 1) that doesn't explain the Y marks... 2) They have no way of knowing your initial audition WHICH exec producer would be the one to see you, and that's when this number/letter is given, and 3) Even if they did and meant it for the producer names, they still send all the "Bad" ones to Nigel. Because everyone I know who has been portrayed negatively has had an N, end of story. Still waiting on someone to prove me wrong, it has not happened yet!

  3. Maybe it stand for "No" "Kinda" and "Yes" so that the no's are the ones for the reject reels, the yes's go on through and the K's are like "maybe's"?