Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jordan Dorsey, Set Up?

So according to some live audience members who were at the taping of Idol that aired last night,  there were some Jordan Dorsey comments that were cut out of what was aired.

Idol at this point usually IS Live, but this particular one was taped, we all assumed, because of Steven Tyler's potty-mouth.  That may still be the reason why, or have something to do with it,  but also-- apparently there was an issue with Jordan Dorsey's ridiculous choice of an Usher song- it wasn't his choice.

When asked by Seacrest why he chose to sing it, he gave a full account of how it was not his choice, which of course was edited into what we saw last night--

Read more about it here, from Lyndsey Parker, Idol blogger extraordinaire, who was there in person: Reality Rocks - 12 Awesome Men

If this is true (and it indeed appears to be), not only am I right about Idol Producers having FAR more power over who makes the Top 10+  than everyone thinks,  but Jordan Dorsey is going to be next to be forcibly cut.  I'm not that upset, because I couldn't stand him, but I wonder who our next victim will be...


  1. I'm not sure that saying this song was "offered" to him goes as far as you contend. Perhaps Jordan was slow in picking a song on his own. Certainly we can infer that Offered was really Ordered but we can also hold reservations that maybe the word being used "offered" is exactly what was done. "Hey, why don't you do OMG?". Jordan was so very full of himself throughout hollywood week that I can see him thinking he could sing the yellow pages and impress the judges and crowd. Certainly after the three reviews he got from the judges, he quickly went to damage control.
    I don't know why the producers would attack Dorcey. He was a middle of the pack contestant, he didn't need any character assassination.
    Now, if you want to single out a situation for manipulation I think Clint Jun Gamboa is the one to profile. Clint is clearly in the top six among men when it comes to voice and singing ability. Yet when Idol aired last week Randy had to bring up once again, in case a viewer had missed the group show, that Clint sent Jacee packing, even though his teammates didn't totally agree. Now, when he gets to sing for America, they give him the leadoff spot. Certainly seems like the show is not worried about showcasing Clint for his ability but offer him up as a sacrificial cow. Clint surely will not be in the top five in viewer voting Thursday night. He's #12 on's predictions and #9 in raw votes. clint was in this competition to win it. It would seem that Idol's producers simply moved him along to give the public the chance to send him packing.
    I voted for six different idols last night spreading 400 votes among them all. Two guys got 150 each. None of the six were Clint. Jacee has been vindicated!!!!! (I hope)

  2. On Jordan-- I'm not suggesting it's a conspiracy as big as the Erin Kelly conspiracy (or even some of the things that happened to me in my auditions), but it's strange for sure. And if it was an innocent thing why did they edit out his comment about it? Just let him say the real reason why he sang the song, because it was offered/ordered? I don't know. Something smells really funny.

    On the # order - I always thought (and still do) that they alternate between slow and fast songs -- a fast song always opens and closes the show -- and when it's men/women they alternate that as well if they can. Generally also the better performances are usually 9th or 10th, just because they don't want you to leave with a super bad taste in your mouth for the show. Just like the first song is always upbeat, to get everyone excited for the night. I didn't think there was much more to it than that. And with that token, I'd think song selection would be more important than chronological order. But, it's all up for discussion and that's why we're here! I'm a lover, not a fighter.

    On to your voting methods, can you share with us (because if I vote it's not more than a handful of times) your strategies for that?

  3. tonight i voted 600 times. 40 for pia, 40 for Lauren Alaina, 260 for Haley, 260 for Kendra. Since I'm not an expert at the tone and pitch thing, and the girls all seemed to have done well, I decided to vote on attractiveness.

  4. I've decided to start my own Blog about american Idol. Not to live blog the show just to get my thoughts out to the millions, and millions of fans that I have :P ... there's a lot of them out there, so naming it is a problem. How about Tone Deaf American Idol.

  5. You voted based on looks, that's hilarious... American eye-doll?

    Great news about the blog! Make sure to let me know when it's all set up!

  6. Well Maria, thanks. Came up with a name for it last night and spent tonight working on a logo for a custom background here on blogspot. Created this logo from scratch with the help of a tutorial I found online. What do you think of my title.