Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top 12 Predictions

Let's look at the Top 24 (and a recap of the scores I gave them):

Pia Toscano: 27.5
Lauren Alaina: 27
Naima Adedapo: 26
Haley Reinhart: 25
Thia Megia: 25
Lauren Turner: 24
Rachel Zevida: 24
Julie Zorrilla: 24
Ashton Jones: 23
Kendra Chantelle: 22
Karen Rodriguez: 17
Tatynisa Wilson:  13

Brett Loewenstern - 28
Casey Abrams - 26
Stefano Langone - 25
Jovany Barreto - 24
Paul McDonald - 23
Jacob Lusk - 23
Tim Halperin - 23
Robbie Rosen - 22.5
Clint Gamboa - 19
James Durbin - 19
Jordan Dorsey - 15

The Top 12, will I think be:

Pia Toscano
Lauren Alaina
Naima Adedapo
Julie Zorrilla
Karen Rodriguez
I'm torn for 6th between Ashton Jones and Haley Reinhart.  I prefer Ashton but think Haley will take it.
I don't believe Karen Rodriguez deserves to be there but I think she will.
I think Julie might be at risk but I'm hoping America gives her another shot.

Casey Abrams
Brett Loewenstern
Stefano Langone  (likely will take the Jovany vote)
Paul McDonald or Jacob Lusk
James Durbin I do not think deserves to be there, but I think he will sadly end up there
Torn for 6th between Robbie Rosen, Tim Halperin, and Clint Gamboa.  I can't stand Clint Gamboa but I think he might have a better shot at making it than the other two.  I'd pick Robbie Rosen of the three.

I think this is a pretty good guess at the Top 12,  I'm usually way more accurate towards the end (which one or two will be sent home as opposed to massive cuts), because you never know with a huge vote/cut like this which votes will be taken away by which other contestants.  But, It's a pretty good guess.

If I had MY choice, the Top 12 would be:  Brett, Casey, Stefano, Tim, Robbie, Paul, Pia, Lauren A., Naima, Lauren T., Ashton, and Julie, but we can't all get exactly what we want all the time.

Curious to see what wins out-- my personal choices or what I think is going to happen.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Oh, and just for a bonus...   here's my projected Top 5 (at this moment):  Casey, Brett,  Pia, Lauren, Naima


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  1. I love your blow by blow accounts for each contestant. I'm a longtime IdolWatcher, and for me the best season ever was Season 7, when David Cook won. I wouldn't mind hearing your opinion of David as a vocalist, since they've confirmed he'll be singing the boot song,for the remainder of the season. As far as the talent this year, the best in about 2 years. Not a big Adam Lambert fan, so I'm not feeling James Durbin. The rest seem to have potential and I agree with your picks for Top 5.Can't wait to read what you thought of the Top 10,plus the wildcard picks. This should be very interesting. Stay tuned.