Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bonus Audio

For those of you who have actually subscribed or are still reading, a little treat for you:

(And by the way I know I'm late on the recaps, but I just really can't make myself watch the rest of it right now.  Soon, I promise.   This bonus post is also because I feel guilty that I haven't posted).

By popular demand, here are YouTube videos of the two songs I sang for the American Idol judges.  You will not see me in these to protect my identity (still),  so please respect that.  Also, in the interest of fairness, these recordings were not dubbed, auto-tuned, practiced, or edited in any way.  They have no music background.  It's EXACTLY the way I  sounded when I auditioned for the producers, had I auditioned for the judges, and sang a capella right then and there.  I didn't make any changes to the way I sang the songs.  I just wanted you to hear how it was THAT day.   I'd love your feedback both good and bad, but if it's bad please don't be unnecessarily harsh,  I'm really good at getting the point.

So, I can't wait to hear... do I sound like a nun?

Barracuda by Heart

Come Away with Me by Norah Jones



  1. Maria, do you remember any of the N'Orleans people?

  2. I do! I'm pretty sure I've been writing about most of them already... did you have a specific question?

    I was really lucky to get to meet a bunch of the ones still in the game at my producer auditions... Brett Loewenstern, Jorge Gabriel, Erin Kelly (read my latest blog for serious thoughts about her), and Sarah Sellers were the four that I really got to talk to.

  3. I would actually love for a post with you singing opera :D