Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hollywood Week Show #3 - Final performances and cuts

A list of everyone who performed tonight,  singer,  song, a few notes, and a score from 1 (bad) - 10 (good):

Haley Reinhart - God Bless the Child, bluesy power, good, not memorable   8

Ashton Jones - That song from Dreamgirls,  I really like her- she reminds me of Tyra Banks, R&B  8.5

Thia Megia - What a Wonderful World, jazzy rendition, great tone, boring, but good for 15 yr old    7.5

Adrian Michael - Wonderful World,  stopped or stopped the band about 5 times, what we
      actually heard wasn't that great at all, very poor performance skills                         2

Caleb Johnson - Living for The City (Stevie Wonder), great tone, couldn't get it together with  the band either, but it really seemed like he tried and when he did sing it was okay   5

Frances Cootnz - Hey Soul Sister,  stopped a few times, couldn't get with the band, sang in the
 wrong key, okay, SEVERAL wrong keys, was flat and in the wrong key... oy.   1

Clint Jun Gamboa (aka Douchebag) - Georgia on My Mind, unfortunately he killed it.  Normally the performance would have earned a 9.5 but he loses points for being a douche.     9

Kendra Chantelle - Georgia on My Mind, pretty girl,  good performance, but not memorable at all    8.5

Sophia Shorai - Georgia on My Mind,  beautiful stage presence, adorable blonde pixie thing, pretty
         interesting tone & personality and original performance but not the very best by far   9.5

Chris Medina  - My Prerogative,  this is the first time where his story didn't do the talking for him-
 to his credit, he took a risk, played guitar, and it was actually a pretty original arrangement.  The vocal could have been better (it was slightly pitchy), and if it would have worked it would have been an Andrew Garcia "Straight up" moment-  but it was still pretty solid.                           8.5                                                                              

Carson Higgins - aka crazy blonde dude, My Prerogative, very karaoke-y rendition, no style elements
    that were any different from original in singing, but dude himself has style/presence  8.5

Julie Zorrilla - Love Song, played keyboard,  probably would have thought it was Sara Bareilles
    herself had I closed my eyes- that's good, but not a great thing.  Very un-original.
   Still very good, and she's still absolutely the best dressed female.                                  8.5

Caleb Hawley - Sir Duke (how many Stevie songs are on this list) - great guitar player, great soul     9.5

Colton Dixon -  What About Now (Daughtry), played keyboard, great tone to voice, very into it         9

Brett Loewenstern - What was this song?  I have no idea!  But it was AMAZING.  He played
    guitar (something I saw him do in NOLA so I was ready for it) but I had no idea
 he could sound like Rod Stewart! So different from his Queen performances!          9.5

Robbie Rosen - Gravity (a bunch of Sara songs too, tonight), on keyboard.  Good for him to pick a girl song and take a chance.  I haven't noticed much about him this entire time except that he's precious and reminds me of Kirk Cameron's friend Boner on the old TV show Growing Pains.  Hair, clothing, face, everything. It's uncanny.  But- he NAILED this, made it different, was vocally amazing, piano playing was great, and he's only 16!  One of the two standout performances of the NIGHT. Watch him.   10

Casey Abrams - Georgia on my Mind,  took a risk by playing the Upright Bass, but nailed it.  Good  playing, it was different, he still is confident without being cocky (like Clint or Jordan)
      he has stage-presence, and he is hilarious in interviews.  Still a front-runner               10

Chelsea Oaks -  Because of You, pitchy, bad key, but visibly upset.  But isn't she a professional?  And doesn't she bring all of this upon herself by getting too chummy with the
 competition and by getting competitive with the ex-chums?  This may have hurt her.    7

Lauren Alaina - Don't Wanna Miss a Thing, odd fashion sense, but great stage presence,  I'm sick of
 her doing the same old thing- she may get eaten up at some point, but she's still amazing for 15  9                                                                                                               

Jacob Lusk  - God Bless the Child, not very likable and not a real standout for me (or anyone) this
 entire time, but I have to say, he left EVERYTHING on the stage (and broke down right after).  I don't think he'll make it to the end of this competition, but definitely a defining moment in a good guy's life.                                                                                                   

John Wayne Schulz - Landslide, w/ guitar - good song choice, believable performance but not great- the greatest part of the entire performance was when J-Lo added some harmony to it.
  She was actually more memorable than he was.  JLo - 8.5,  as for John Wayne,            7.5

Ashley Sullivan - aka, "Emotional Timebomb" - Everything by Buble. She is SO annoying.  Please have a nervous breakdown and go home.  I mean that in the nicest way possible. Sings to her boyfriend, loses the words to her "favorite song" more than once, freaks  out.   Lame, lame, lame.  And the parts she sang were okay, but it's not worth the drama.                                                                       3

Stefano Langone - Sir Duke, this dude is GORGEOUS. He's like a grown up version of the kid from
             The Sandlot.  Not an original version of the song, but good.  He's so cute I don't care.  8.5

Jovany Barreto - no idea on the song, something by Ricky Martin? -yay for my Chippendale from    
       Avondale!  He wins best dressed male and gets points for doing it a capella.                8.5

Jacee Badeaux - Time of My Life - not the most original, not the best vocal, but damnit, we love
         this kid.  He could sing his own lyrics and we'd still love him (oh yeah, that happened) 9

Scotty McCreery - I Hope You Dance - aka, the only country song available.  Sorry kid, you can't sing that same old song for the 9th time.  "One song pony!"   He forgot the words so so, so, badly.  I hope you don't cut, because it's not looking good for you!                                                                        4

Tatynisa Wilson - I  Hope You Dance - not only did she forget the words WORSE than Scotty did        
(which I didn't think was possible), but she was whining like Rihanna on top of it.                             3

Total singers left in Hollywood before this: 100,  well, 99 after the sickness of blondie Jacqueline --
Total singers featured in this episode:  27... and no Erin Kelly, of course.
Total # of singers featured in this episode who are in the supposed Top 40:  18

Standout Performanes:  Robbie Rosen (1st), Casey Abrams (2nd), and Jacob Lusk (3rd)...bring it, girls!
Best Dressed Male:  Jovany Barreto
Best Dressed Female:  Julie Zorrilla  (I need to do a fashion feature on her)

Singers to keep your eye on:
Ashton Jones, Clint Gamboa, Sophia Shorai, Chris Medina, Carson Higgins, Julie Zorrilla, Caleb Hawley, Colton Dixon, Brett Loewenstern, Robbie Rosen, Casey Abrams, Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone, Jovany Barreto, Jacee Badeaux, and I'm adding Erin Kelly which makes 17.  I bet I'm pretty close to the top 15-20.

A few other parting notes:  (spoiler alert)  The 4 rooms, seriously?  ALL of the good people were in Room 1.  Did anyone really think they were going home when Lauren Alaina, Casey Abrams, do-no-wrong Chris Medina, Robbie Rosen, screamer James Durbin, cute-kid Jacee Badeaux, and Brett Loewenstern were in there?   I don't think so.   Room 4 had a few of the standouts, people like Thia Megia,  Jovanny Baretto, and Julie Zorilla, but not that many.  And Rooms 2 and 3 had absolutely no one I recognized.  Easiest elimination to predict, ever.  I almost didn't watch the end.  Mix it up a little, next time, please?  

Next week:  (spoiler alert) By the tape, we gather that it's going to be Beatles songs, they'll have 24 hours to learn the songs, and, by the looks of things--  not only can they play instruments, but the songs will be sang as DUETS or SMALL GROUPS.  WHAT?!

Until next time,

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  1. Standouts: Laura, Casey, Jacob Lusk, Jacee (this kid has wormed his way into my heart)

    After last night I wanted to see Chelsey Oaks booted. I've felt bad for her Ex BF all along, but tonight, I thought she sang well enough to stick around.

    I agree with you about room #1, but if I was in that room and I saw "crybaby" Ashley in my room, I'd have been certain I was going home.

    Oooh, your post reminded me of Colton Dixon. He's one of the better male voices.

    I have to say, the men are way out in front of the women on average here. There are neither as many good voices, or interesting personalities, on the girls side of the row. That's a shame.

    While I'll agree that the producers could have made the four rooms a bit more interesting, I'm relieved that this year the "sorting rooms" were ten minutes of the show opposed to last year when they spent an entire show with the kids in the rooms and the judges shuffling Polaroids. I'll take less drama and more singing like this year.

    I may have mentioned Laura earlier; tonight on a few different blogs I've seen similar criticism of Laura. It’s funny, many people are bothered that she's trying to charm S. Tyler, (mostly women, which you happen to be Maria) yet how many have held it against the dude that showed his abs a la the situation? Laura is very talented, but on a show where the majority votes are logged by women, and mostly in the 40+ age range, the soccer moms aren't going to want to get behind this cute, confident girl. I see nothing wrong with her behavior so far. In fact, that a 15 year old has that much personality and confidence is just another thing to admire in her, as well as her standout voice. It's a shame how badly this show is geared toward the men.

    I agree with all of your ratings. My amateur ears were not in tune with Chelsey's flaws. But I think your scores are all right on the money.

    As usual I've enjoyed your post!