Thursday, February 17, 2011


Has anyone ever noticed (before I pointed it out),  just how much the following future-idols represent these past-teen idols?

Robbie Rosen resembles "Boner Stabone" from that show Growing Pains, played by the late Andrew Koenig (rest in peace).... here are some pictures... (the clothing is what REALLY does it!)

 Here's another set of photos.  I totally recommend Robbie if there's ever a Growing Pains #2:

And,  has anyone ever noticed how much boy beauty Stefano Langone looks like Mike Vitar, the actor who played Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez in the movie The Sand Lot??  Behold:

 Uncanny, isn't it??


  1. This just in. Megan Joy has new video on YouTube.

  2. Actually, when watching the final 12 I couldn't help but think Stefano looked more like Boner Stabone than Robbie did. The Sandlot connection is decent.

    Paul reminds me of someone, too, but i can't place it.