Friday, February 25, 2011

Final Post on Erin Kelly (okay, maybe not)

So,  Vegas/Beatles/Cut Audition recaps will be up soon....    I did watch both episodes (all four hours) and there wasn't enough interesting to talk about to hardly fill up a single blog.  So don't hold your breath-- it's not like fascinating information is coming your way, but I do have some thoughts.

As you now know, Erin Kelly was eliminated.   Which means they FINALLY showed her face and allowed her to speak an entire sentence (crying) on the camera.   This is the biggest conspiracy on American Idol to date.  I will point out a couple of things:
1) From Day 1 Audition, through Hollywood, Hollywood Week, Solo Round, Beatles Round, and cuts, the girl said ONE SENTENCE on camera.
2)  She was shown singing a total of ONE time, a duet during Beatles Round, of which one-two lines of her song was shown.
3)  She was purposely not shown singing ever before that, and even was cut out of her group song in Hollywood (the only person that was cut out)
4)  Her on screen time was so minute that they never once have shown the "name screen"  when she's been on camera.  You know the one... the  "Jovany Barretto, 21 Shipbuilder"  or whatever that they put on every one.

Now, I cannot think of a SINGLE Top 40 contestant this year who has gotten less screen time than her.  I cannot think of ANY Top 40 contestant in previous years time who has gotten less screen time.

I don't understand how someone can be good enough to make Top 40 (because let's face it, you have to be amazing to get that far),   and not be good enough to show!   Certainly there had to have been SOME good moment she had to get that far.  Why don't they want us to see it?  Ask yourself that question.  Why was she kept from us?    Have they done this to us in the past?
So two questions for you:   1) Can you think of someone I'm overlooking who was treated the same way?
2)  Anyone in Bradenton, FL or NYC that knows Erin personally (I do and am trying to get her but it's difficult) that can find me some footage of her SINGING?    Let's find it and get it up here!

That's it for now...

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  1. "I cannot think of ANY Top 40 contestant in previous years time who has gotten less screen time."

    Kris Allen.