Thursday, February 17, 2011

More on the Erin (Eryn) Kelly thing

Sorry to be harping on this so much, I guess it's because I actually MET Eryn and heard her sing and know what she's capable of.  Not only does she have a great voice and (spoiler alert)  is already in the top 40, but she is kind of a diva and has a lot of soul/attitude-- so I can't imagine her not having some kind of Hollywood conflict.    Vote for the Worst has been waiting for some Erin footage as well, here :

Secondly, I just re-looked at the list of the supposed Top 40  (spoiler alert-- do not read it if you don't want to know). I went over the list twice, and Erin is the ONLY one who I have not seen featured on ANY AI episodes at all.  She is also the ONLY one who has *no* singing footage available, either on an AI episode on or Myspace / personal website / Facebook / YouTube.    I don't understand how someone who raised funds by having people in her community in Bradenton, FL donate money for her to get to Idol auditions has NO video footage anywhere on the internet.   (Her "Road to American Idol"  video doesn't count- they have one for every contestant and she doesn't sing in it).

PS - Remember how I swore the colors of the backgrounds were changing from city to city?  They were!  New Orleans was pinkish red, LA pinkish purple, New York purple, Nashville bluish purple, San Francisco purple, Milwaukee blue, Austin bluish green.  Significance of this?  No idea, but it's clear as day in the Top 40 pics and makes for a very pretty photo montage (I'm sure we'll have this in a future episode).  Maybe it makes it easier for them to find contestants when going through hours and hours of tape---  (and more importantly, editing hours and hours of tape!)  

If someone finds footage or audio of her singing, please send it to me, so we can get it up!  Thanks!


  1. Nice. I'm totally unfamiliar with Erin Kelly. It may be a good thing. Last year, Andrew, and Crystal were front runners at the end of Hollywood week. It went badly for Andrew, and in my opinion, played a major role in Crystal finishing second and not first. You don't want to peak too early. Hollywood week is definitely too early to be "the best". Viewers/voters are more attached to a singer during the finals if they feel they "discovered" the singer. Soooo, the fact that Erin hasn't gotten much face time certainly doesn't hurt her.
    Is she pretty? If she is it's better to keep her under wraps. Since the shows demographic is highly concentrated in the 40+ female, they don't attach themselves to the pretty girls. It's a theory of mine that I've written about at length.
    In short, no need to worry yet. If she made the final 40 then she'll get plenty of face time, and hopefully will be there for us to vote on.

  2. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Eryn did not survive Las Vegas and will not make the final 24. So sorry :(

  3. That's so sad. It's no wonder-- they purposely kept her from us. She's the ONLY one of the top 40 that I've never heard sing. If anyone ever wondered if the producers had control over who gets through or not-- this makes it incredibly obvious that it's true. And I guarantee you, had she gotten to the Top 24, no one would have voted for her, because no one knows her or identifies with her or knows her story. Can we say shenanigans? Thanks for the update JDeSab--- where'd you get the Top 24 from?